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Online Reference Tool "Chunagon"

"Chunagon" is a method of access for users who require access to large amounts of data, such as Japanese language researchers, or dictionary authors.

  • Allows searching using morphological information.
  • Allows for searching by short-unit word, long-unit word, and strings.
  • User authetification occurs before use - registration is required.
  • Even if a large number of search results are found, all of them will be shown.
  • You can specifiy additional conditions up to 10 units long before and after the search query.
  • You can choose to display the context surrounding the search results (up to 500 characters before/after the result).

"Chunagon" Website

How to use

Full Text Reference Software "Himawari"

This is a software platform designed for use in language research, which allows simplified searching in XML format documents. It has the following features:

  • Able to do high-speed lookups of specific character strings in XML documents (via Unicode).
  • Features KWIC (keyword in context) display of results, as well as the ability to browse in a format suitable for the materials.

"Himawari" Website


How to Apply 'Chunagon'


  • Balanced Corpus of Comtemporary Written Japanese
  • Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese
  • Corpus of Historical Japanese
  • 近代語のコーパス
  • NINJAL Web Japanese Corpus
  • International Corpus of Japanese As a Second Language